Warning, wet paint !


A new hope ?

On a side note before we go : as you probably now, I am French and my english is sometimes not perfect. I do my best to be fully understandale in my posts, but I'd like to apologize if some mistakes are still there. Thank you for your indulgence :)

Here we are ! After 4 years of stagnation, it's time to build a new website from the ground up, with more activities than the previous one. For this new repository of my researches and ideas, I turned around different blogging systems, like Worpress, Joomla and even SPIP (I now, it wasn't the best idea, so far). I also thought it was the time to rebuild a site from scratch with only my own code, because each CMS I tested was, on a personnal opinion, too big and too slow, using most of the time MySQL and PHP that I use sometimes for my work, without really appriciate them. Living on the countryside where the internet quality is far far away from the fiber channel bandwitdth, I always tend to reduce the amount of data flowing through the network, and the number of requests to the server. My goal is to provide a fast loading website. I hope it's the case for you, my dear readers.

During the last four years, I learn a lot about web technologies, moslty on the HTML5 / CSS3 side and a LOT of Javascript. And you now what ? I love Javascript. I even create my own render engine in HTML and Javascript, with some interesting results. I'll probably write some stuff about that in futur posts.

Aside from my official activites as a coder and artist (for people who don't now me, I'm such an « Hybrid » guy), I always try to make some researches on different kind of topics. It can be about 2D, 3D, video, photo (mainly applied to textures for 3D rendering), coding using different laguages ... and more ! The folder named R&D on my computer contain about 400 sub-folders now, sleeping in my hard-drive.

I sometime post informations and tips on my Facebook page during my researches, but most of my contacts told me that it could be more intereseting to create a real website to collect and publish all these informations. So, today you are on the first post of this website, powered by the new and fresh Ghost blogging system.

Why using ghost ?

  • Ghost run on node.js, that I'm currently learning. I thought it could be a good way to learn even more.
  • The database used by Ghost is a sqlite3 type, how use only one file. For me, it's lighter than MySql.
  • Moving the whole website from one location to another can be done by only transfering the main directory using FTP, follow by a simple chown command on Linux.
  • In less than four hours, I created my own theme based on the default one, nammed capser. It was pretty easy to do !

As you can see, Ghost is a really good lightweight solution. In less that 12 hours, my new website was online. For me, it was the best candidate to do the job. It is really easy to maintain. And because I have not so much time to fill my website with new articles, it is a key point.

I decided to use Disqus for comments, to haven't to host them myself. If you use the comments to ask me some questions or to react to a post, please don't blame me if it take some times to give them a reply.

Online video quality

By hosting my website myself, using a dedicated server, I also have the ability to encode all my videos using my own parameters. Using platforms like Vimeo and Youtube is most of the time demoralizing. Because each of this platforms re-encode your videos, providing a really bad quality/size ratio (that's my personnal opinion, of course).

Encoding myself a lot of videos, I use FFMPEG with a bunch of parameters to optimize the quality/filesize ratio, to reduce the download time without loosing the quality.

Some of my videos available on my Vimeo account will be probably back on this blog with some explanations. But I don't want to only make videos. It's sometimes usefull to describe a process by only using text and images. It's a faster way to find informations when you have to rely on search engines.

Almost Bilingual

If you take a look on the left side of your browser, you can see two small flags. Most of the time, all my posts will be written in french at first, then in english. Because I talk with a lot of people outside of France, it's important for me to write my posts in both languages ... maybe with my average/bad english (once again, sorry for that).

Ghost doesn't support multiple languages for now. That's why I use tags "fr" and "uk" in my posts to split them up in two categories. Feel free to first click the most suitable flag for you.

For mobile devices

For now, the main menu is useless because most of the links are the same. If you read this blog from a mobile devices, the website is not design to be fully reponsive. But it will be in a few days. My old blog (in French) is still online :


I hope that you'll find some intersting stuff on this website. Thank you for reading this welcome message !